About Us

Who we are

The Two Brass Monkeys are Ali Morris and Steve Nicholls. We're two long time puzzle collectors (we each have 1000's of puzzles!), designers and collectors of puzzles. We live about 10 miles apart in Hertfordshire, UK and are regular attendees at International and UK Puzzle Events. If you are planning on attending an MPP or an IPP and would like a puzzle hand delivered just let us know.

How we got started

It all really kicked off with a bolt, a padlock and a dance! Ali had made his first bolt puzzle and then came up with the idea for a padlock puzzle. Steve immediately wanted to use the puzzle as his exchange at an International Puzzle Party and the HoKey CoKey Lock was born. It was really this puzzle that got our company started and has led to a bunch of other designs. 

For the first year or two we sold on our Etsy store. That store is still running and if you would prefer to buy from us there you still can, though prices may be a little higher.

What we make

Our philosophy is simple! We make puzzles that we have designed and designs by others that we would like to have in our collections. We are currently focusing on metal but we will slowly and continually look to expand our range of both materials and manufacturing techniques.

How to get in touch with us

Email works for us either steve@twobrassmonkeys.com or ali@twobrassmonkeys.com. We can both also be found relatively easily on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

The boring commercial bit

We are a limited company, Two Brass Monkeys Ltd which is registered within England and Wales with the Company number 11949347