Our puzzles have appeared on several puzzle blogs and YouTube reviews. We've listed a few of our favourites below.

Allard's Puzzling Times Blog

Allard's reference for size £2 coinProlific blogger and ace organiser of Midland Puzzle Parties (MPP), and excellent friend to the Two Brass Monkeys, Allard Walker has written about nearly all of our puzzles as well as many hundreds (thousands?) of others. Head over to Allard's blog for a superb incite into what our puzzles are like with out any risk of accidentally stumbling across spoilers or  solutions.   Amongst others he has reviewed Nova Plexus, the HoKey CoKey, and Brass Monkey Two. Walk, no run over to Puzzling Times for a thoroughly enjoyable read and a chance to drool over some amazing puzzles.

Mr Puzzle's You Tube Channel

Mr Puzzle LogoYou can't beat Christian's video reviews for puzzling enthusiasm. And the production values keep getting higher and higher. We both love seeing our own and other puzzles being reviewed by Mr Puzzle. A word of warning the videos do show solutions to our puzzles but there is always a clear spoiler break. If you are thinking about buying our puzzles that is definitely the time to stop watching. If you already have a puzzle and know the solution it's always interesting to see how other's approach the solving process. Some of our favourites include The Incredible Nova Plexus!!,  The Satisfying Hyperboloid Puzzle!! and Solving the Satisfying Baseball Bat Puzzle - The Heavy Hitter!! Several of our other puzzles have also been reviewed.

Kevin's PuzzleMad blog

Puzzle on Kevin's kitchen worktopAnother prolific blogger and regular attendee at MPPs   Kevin Sadler regularly blogs about a wide range of puzzles. Any of his readers will instantly recognise the kitchen worktop and just the mention of his name raises the image and the sound of the Whack! Ouch! he receives as our puzzles gently clink together in his hands! Again many of our puzzles have been reviewed by Kevin here are links to a few : Brass Monkey Three, Hyperboloid Burr and The Monkey's Nuts!

Steven's Boxes and Booze blog

Feed the Monkey puzzle and a monkey face carved from a limeOK so what's not to like here? Steven Canfield brilliantly brings together not just puzzles. But booze too. Not any ordinary booze, superbly crafted cocktails designed to compliment the puzzles he reviews.  His Two Brass Monkeys and a Diki-Diki is an utter joy but we remain absolutely blown away by his lime artistry which accompanies his Feed the Monkey write up!