OK. So we don't really do solutions. Some of our puzzles have solutions some don't. We much prefer to offer hints for our puzzles that guide you towards the solution. We could just show the solution, but where's the fun in that?

If you do need help just email either Steve or Ali tell us where you've got to, what you've tried and we will give you a hint. Don't worry we'll be utterly kind and supportive in our replies. Well mostly. Unless we know you. 

Having said that there are two puzzles we gladly share the solutions for :

The HoKey CoKey Lock

If you have solved this puzzle we have a follow up question for you. Do you know why we named it the HoKey CoKey? Have a guess and then mail Steve, letting him know you've solved the lock and would like to see the "official" solution. He'll gladly email you a PDF. It answers the question about the name. There are a few guesses out there on the internet, not all are correct!

The Nova Plexus

Geoff Wyvill designed the Nova Plexus as a stainless steel sculpture. It just happens to be a sculpture that also makes a fantastic puzzle. As this puzzle appeals to both art collectors and puzzlers we agreed with Geoff that a solution should be made available and he very kindly put the following video together for us :

The Kong Puzzle

We launched the Kong Puzzle on Kick Starter in the Autumn of 2020.  As Kong is one of our more complex puzzles we've put together a dedicated Kong Hints & Solution Page